The basics

Romanization (IPA) [example]

In most words you stress the second last sylable. Except in words with 5 (or multiple of 5) sylables, wich you stress the third last.

fli to a na -> fli to A na | a i ka le ni -> a i KA le ni

Sylables are V, CV and CCV

A CCV can't have both consonats be the same

Verbs and 'syntax words' start with V

Substantives (+ 'Adjetives') start with CV or CCV

Max recomended sylables = 7

V-S-O (verb subject object)

Words (verbs and substantives) are made by combining radicals/sylables, each one has it's own meaning but can form complex ideas when used together. They are placed in order of most important information to least important.

Though there are some "special meaning sections", basically a particle that will open a section with special internal particles, some examples are xo (colour) and lŕo (time).