One thing that always annoys me, is when someone talks about ‘respecting others opinion’ and the first response a ‘leftist’ will say is “there is no reason to respect fascism/oppression” or something like this. It’s just such an idiotic response that just show how the person doesn’t really have any idea of what they heard or are talking about.

These people have such a one dimensional thought not that ‘bad opinions should not be respected’, but that anyone that doesn’t agree with them must hold a bad view. If they aren’t 100% pro any leftist policy or ideal it is not because they have concerns if it’ll work, it’s not because they think another solution may work well for economy or security, it must be because they want to oppress and exterminate an entire population.

Spoiler alert: 99% of people around the world don’t support fascism.

I’m a right-libertarian, so I like capitalism n' stuff, but I don’t see someone that has any criticism of it and the first thing I think is “you literally are Kim Jong-Un and the only thing you actually want is for everyone to be slaves of an oppressive state”, because I have no fucking idea of what they actually think, and I will never know if every time they try to explain why they don’t want that I say “I don’t want to hear what you have to say because I already know it’s wrong and bad” and in general assuming that some minor thing someone say is because they have some ‘secret’ desire to do something horrendous and in such big proportions is not how normal people act. There is not assuming the best of people and there is thinking someone you don’t know is a serial killer in disguise.

Whenever someone is talking to you about ‘respecting’, they aren’t talking about being OK with murder, they are talking about exactly this, of thinking that anyone that doesn’t agree with you wants to have an extermination, in first place, because actually believing that is no a healthy line of thinking.

There isn’t only ‘good communist guy’ and ‘evil fascist guy’, there are many different positions and over half of them don’t involve a holocaust.

If no joke you believe that anyone that isn’t far-left is somehow a monster that only thinks about extermination, I don’t hate you, I just wonder how you are a functional human in the first place as this is not how any logical person works, it’s pure irrationality and ignorance.


It’s no wonder the hate for ‘centrists’, they just don’t feel like catering to what you like all the time. And based on what I said before, the way they always say is “doing half good and half bad is not a solution”, as, again, everything that isn’t their exact position is inherently some pure evil, any idea given by a right-winger is about killing babies.

Is it that much of a hard task to admit that not all of your ideas or policies are right?


Reality is, this is not how the world works, society isn’t a bad cartoon, people (including the ones you don’t like) have a life of different experiences that has led them to different ideas that they think will make the world better for everyone- and yes, there are some that are wrong-, there isn’t some paper cutout in shape of a person that has its only mission in life to make everyone suffer just because and thinking like this is not useful at all as a society as some could say it’s dehumanizing as it treats real people as emotionless objects( almost like some specific ideology? wink wink) and then justifies violence against them.

Spoiler alert: Making everyone your enemy is not an efficient way of trying to expand your ideas in the first place.

It’s then not about fighting actual evil, like objectively bad wars on the Middle East because of America’s interest in control and oil, it’s about some boogie man defined as ‘pure evil’ that you decided to be impersonated by some random guy because they don’t agree with you, and by definition everyone that doesn’t is automatically a monster that has to secretly also like to kill baby pandas.

And, yes, I know I will get random people to hate me and say I am wrong and that I support bad stuff